What is Marine Engine Diagnostics?

Just as the phrase implies, marine engine diagnostics involves the analysis of the engine using the integrated computer system. A technician will connect to the ECM (Electronic Control Module) using specialized equipment. The software program and computer system used has an adapter that is specific to the engine manufacturer. The connection helps gather crucial data about the history of an engine. By linking into an ECM, a surveyor is able to collect vital information on the engine of your target vessel. In Topping marine engine diagnostics an analysis scan enables the surveyor to verify crucial details like RPM run history of the engine, actual engine hours, current and historic fault codes. This information helps understand how the engine has been operated and how it operates now.

In general, an engine diagnostic will provide beneficial information pertaining to the history of an engine. This data helps you, the buyer, to make a more educated decision when buying a boat. We have a ground-breaking software for inboard powered vessels. Our software can record the actual efficiency of an engine during a sea trial. This helps verify the accuracy of the gauges and collect precise details on the overall efficiency of an engine. It is good to keep in mind that engine diagnostics is an extra option. However, when combined with aquatic studies on gasoline inboard and outboard engines that are ECM equipped, you get a clearer picture on the condition of a boat.

Outboard Engine Diagnostics

At Sun Coast Marine Surveying, we are happy to offer the best solutions in Topping marine engine diagnostics. Our team can check all outboard and jet ski engines. Our innovative diagnostics software will attach to the ECM of your engine and enable our marine surveyors to verify RPM run history, engine hours, past and current fault codes and in some cases get solution background. These details are vital in helping you make a better choice when purchasing a boat with outboards or jet ski. We offer outboard engine diagnostics as an optional service and offer it as a supplementary service to aquatic study on vessels

Diacom Supports Mercury Outboards, MerCruiser, Indmar, Volvo Penta, Crusader, Pleasurecraft Marine, Kodiak, Marine Power, Ilmor, GM RamJet Engines, Flagship Marine and Many More…

Diacom is a PC based diagnostic tool that offers the adaptability and power you need to accurately troubleshoot modern-day’s revolutionary marine EFI systems. The system has been sustaining the largest series of engines available on the market supplying great insurance coverage in one analysis device. The Diacom diagnostic system helps you harness the power of your netbook PC or Windows based notepad to efficiently diagnose a range of EFI system problems fast and accurately.


  • Productivity is equal to profitability.
    Use the reliability of sector typical notepad PC to diagnose EFI issues in minutes.
  • Remain competitive and compatible.
    Get access to CD based service details, share engine data online and free yourself from the pain of having to use one dedicated diagnostic device. The Diacom Marine enables you to use your current PC technology to get the job done.
PC Diagnostic Power

Diacom Marine is an efficient and reliable Windows based diagnostic tool that is quickly taking over the aquatic engine service. Thanks to most engines having sophisticate engine control systems, Diacom Marine is a solution that you can use to accurately and quickly identify problems on nearly all gas inboard, outboard and sterndrive engines. The system utilizes the power of your netbook or notebook to deliver modern features that leave all other diagnostic devices behind.

You Spoke and We Listened

Diacom Marine was developed from scratch. Our developers took the feedback of our clients and started creating this innovative tool from the ground up. In addition to your feedback, we have over the last decade been collecting a lot of knowledge from various marine service professionals as well as car dealerships that we support. It is this wealth of information that gave our engineers a compressive shopping list to work with when adding functions to the diagnostic software. As a result of our approach in developing Diacom, the tool is more intuitive, extra visible and more structured. You can now get all the work done within less time.

Internet Connectivity

The Internet continues to change the way the world does things. Currently, the Internet is shaping how professionals diagnose and repair engines. As a result, Diacom has been developed with the Internet in mind. The Diacom Kit Configurations make it easy to share data with other parties online. Diacom has, further, been designed to convert the engine information into formats that are easy to read on other computer programs like Access and Microsoft Excel.

Large Screen, More Advantages

Over the last decade, screens have been getting bigger and crispier. Diacom takes advantage of these new innovations to show a bigger picture of what is being diagnosed. The bigger screen means you will no longer waste time scrolling through lists of parameters, pressuring scanner switches or checking what various EFI numbers mean. All the information is now displayed and has been customized to allow you to check every EFI system type in a way that suits your preferences. You also get added features like side-by-side twin engine display screens, enlarged specification on the home windows, instant pop-up charts, report printing, and broad information videotaping abilities. These and more features are what are making more aquatic professionals go for Diacom.

The Electronic Information Age

In the past, marine professionals had to comb through dozens of technological publications and service handbooks to locate information. Thanks to advances in technology, most engine manufacturers include CDs with information about an engine. This softcopy version of engine data makes it easy to browse and update. Diacom makes it easy to access the softcopy data provided by engine manufacturers. You simply need to click on the trouble code in the Diacom display and the service information will be shown.

Tests Made to Order

The marine sector keeps on changing and information on EFI systems is not all the same. This means a test created for one engine will not work for another engine system. The versatility of Diacom ‘Tests’ display automatically configures for the specific EFI system that is being investigated. The software uses the innovative Windows ActiveX which streamlines your work by displaying and delivering the specific set of information that is related to the system you are working on.

Special Functions

As an authorized dealership, you understand the importance of having the latest technology at your fingertips. Our team has been working closely with marine engine suppliers to include specialized EFI system function in Diacom Marine. Today, our system enables factory accredited solution facilities to access a single integrated analysis tool to repair, upgrade and perform memory updates electronically and within minutes. Our system makes it possible to reduce or completely eliminate ECM exchanges.

For More Information

Do you want to learn more about the features on the Diacom marine? Do you have a question that needs to be answered about Diacom marine or other Rinda Technologies products? Visit the website at You can also reach us in the USA and Canada on 773-736-6633.

Diacom Kit Configurations

94010 – Diacom Marine: includes Diacom
CD, USB cable, #94005 MEFI and
#94006 PCM-555 adapters.

94030 – Diacom Marine + CAN: includes
Diacom CD, USB cable, #94005 MEFI
and #94006 PCM-555 and 94029 CAN
network adapters.

System requirements

94010 – Diacom Marine: includes Diacom CD, USB cable, #94005 MEFI and #94006 PCM-555 adapters.


94030 – Diacom Marine + CAN: includes Diacom CD, USB cable, #94005 MEFI and #94006 PCM-555 and 94029 CAN network adapters.


System Requirements

You will need the following to use Diacom:

  • Netbook or Notebook PC with at least 1Ghz processor
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (the software supports both 32bit and 64bit versions)
  • At least 512 MB of RAM
  • At least 150 MB available disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB port
  • SVGA with a resolution of at least 800 x 600.
  • Touchpad, mouse or any other compatible pointing device


Additional Services or Items Needed for Certain Features:

  • Internet connection for email and other web related features
  • Document viewing software like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat
  • Special functions require usage authorization as well as data files provided by your engine’s manufacturer.


  1. Engine service manuals provided in an electronic format have to be obtained from the engine or vehicle manufacturers.
  2. Usage restrictions apply depending on the type and status of a dealer. The Diacom special functions vary depending on the engine manufacturer and EFI system type.


Please take note that all the specifications are subject to change without prior notification. The images shown here may differ depending on the product version you are using and other factors. All the information in this document is believed to be accurate. Rinda Technologies Inc. does not take responsibility for the omission, errors or results from using this information.


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